Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tantra Kaumudi 13th Edition : Islamic Tantra and Vanaspati Tantra Maha Visheshank


This edition introduces readers with preliminary knowledge of Islamic Tantra and Herbal Tantra. In this busy world, sadhak has a very less time for doing sadhna. If in that short duration, he wants to attain success, he would have to resort to outer sadhna articles. This is where herbs come into place. Herbs have a special role in many Tantric procedures and they also bring sadhak closed to nature. Islamic Tantra is very intense and capable of yielding quicker results. However, it demands highest level of purity. Various preliminary security procedures of this tantra and some of the prayogs are described in this edition of magazine.



1. Sadguru Prasang

2. Saral Ganesh prayog

3. Why there is need of Islamic Sadhnas?

4. Some Important Fact of Islamic Sadhnas

5. Aayutal Kursi prayog

6. Aakarshan ke liye Islamic prayog

7. Vashikaran prayog

8. Manokaamna Poorti prayog

9. Rojgaar Prapti prayog

10. How to bring tantric herbs home?

11. Some easy prayogs of Herbal tantra

12. Siddhi Fal :dosh Nivaran sadhna

13. Siddhi Fal : Klesh shanti prayog

14. Siddhi Fal : Baadha Nivaran sadhna

15. Apamarg :Dhan Prapti prayog

16. Apamarg : Aarogya Prapti prayog

17. Apamarg: Soubhagya Vriddhi prayog

18. Dhatura –Soubhagya Vardhan prayog

19. Dhatura :Dhan Prapti prayog

20. Laghu Naariyal :Dhan Prapti prayog

21. Laghu Naariyal :Soubhagya Vriddhi prayog

22. Aak: sadhna for attaining security

23. Aak : Kaarya siddhi sadhna

24. Tulsi : Soubhagya Vriddhi prayog

25. Rakt gunja : Tantra Baadha Nivaran prayog

26. Kali haldi :Shatru ucchatan prayog

27. Kali haldi : Bhay shaman prayog

28. Peepal: Pitr Kripa Prapti prayog.

29. Vat Vriksha : Itar yoni darshan prayog

30. Anaar : Soubhagya Vriddhi prayog

31. Anaar : Dhan Prapti prayog

32. Anaar :Yash Prapti prayog

33. Palash : Dhan Prapti prayog

34. Aparaajita :Vidya Prapti prayog

35. Nimbu :Nazar Dosh Nivaran prayog

36. Kamal :Dhan Prapti prayog

37. Jyotish aur yog In one view

38. Swarn tantra 13

39. Lakshmi sadhna

40. Totke for you

41. Ayurveda

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