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Second Seminar : Itar Yoni, Karn Pishachini Sadhana Rahasya



This Seminar was conducted on 27th January 2013 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.



images (1)Actually, entire world is divided into many dimensions. We live in three dimensional world and we are still unaware of all the secrets of this dimension then what we can be said about other dimensions. Entire visible and invisible world is full of dimensions having dimensions both lesser and more than three-dimensional world. If someone argues that I will consider existence of only those things which I am able to see, then it is nothing but his obstinacy. For example, if small insect is walking at distance of approximately 50 meters and that particular person is not able to see then it does not mean that insect does not exist at all. Till now it was known that heating of water leads to destruction of bacteria present in it but now it has been ascertained by novel scientific research that what to talk about burning-hot water , bacteria are also found in lava of volcano having temperature much more higher than it.

In the similar manner , it may be difficult for many to assume that there are signs of life and civilization to exist in any far-off corner of Aakash Ganga in this three dimensional world only. But when we are talking about conscious element present in dimensions other than this very dimension then how one can….Now modern science has started giving evidence in support of the fact that this category is not fictitious rather they are real. Even many courses related to these subjects have started in many universities. Efforts which started in last century are now getting firm base in this 21st century.

Generally, we limit meaning of Itar Yoni to Bhoot, Pret, Pisaach but in reality this category include

· Bhoot -Bhootini

· Pret-Pretni

· Pisaach -Pishaachini

· Kinnar-Kinnari

· Yaksha Yakshini

· Apsara

· Yogini

· Vaitaal

· Vidyadhar

· Gandharv

· Pitr

· Naag Naagins

· Other Ap Devtas (sub-gods)

This was only its outer categorization but besides it there are many sub-category too which comes under Itar Yoni category. If we see Islamic genre of sadhna also, we find Jinn, Jinnaat, Hamzaad, Pari and other variations. In this manner, every category excluding human comes under this category.


This is not subject to be feared about rather from years, strange fear has been inculcated in us regarding them. And we did not get any chance to meet any person who knows the truth or who can introduce us to them so fear aspect is still the same. But reality is exactly opposite to it. The way we do sadhna of any god, in the same way sadhna of this category can also be done. It is amazing fact their sadhnas are simple but certain special rules do apply , certain special procedures are necessary ,certain special precautions are essential elements, some sadhna procedure is necessary. And all these facts can be told by the person who has experienced it rather than the person who has just read it in books.

These sadhnas are simple but its simplicity has been hidden by so-called doubt-creating propaganda and now they have become reason for fear. Sadgurudev Ji has clearly said that these yonis themselves are restless for their riddance from this yoni then why to be fearful of them…….rather if we get their friendly cooperation and help then person life can be completely successful. So the mentality which has been created towards these sadhna, false propaganda……whether it has been done by capable or incapable persons, time has now come to get rid of these misconceptions.

Thus, in order to get rid of misconceptions and fear factor regarding these sadhnas and to enable sadhaks to develop a healthy mentality towards this category of sadhnas, NPRU decided to conduct a seminar on them. This seminar was conducted on 27th January 2013 in Jabalpur.

Entry in to this seminar was free of cost provided applicant has been given permission for participation by NPRU. However, those who wish to attain book containing valuable and hidden procedures regarding these sadhnas and amazing energized Mandal yantra needed for doing these sadhnas, they have to pay the necessary fees for it. It was decided that all profit from publication of this book will be utilized in “NIKHIL KALP KUTEER “project.


  • Tantra_Kaumudi_Itar_Yoni_Karn_Pishachini_Sadhana_Rahasya_KhandBook “Itar Yoni and Karn Pishaachini Varg Sadhna Rahasya Khand” was distributed to all the participants who had applied for it. This 160 page scripture is concrete effort to describe all the hidden procedures necessary for accomplishing this sadhna and provides solutions to common problems faced by sadhaks in this genre of sadhnas.
  • For attaining success and accomplishment in tantra, use of authentic sadhna articles is must. Sadgurudev himself has highlighted this vital fact so many times in his discourses. Special Yantra called “Para Lok Shakti Siddhi Mandal” was distributed to all the participants who have applied for it.

This divine yantra contains 9 yantras within it. These are SadaShiv Mrityunjay Mahayantra, Mahakaali Yantra, Kaal Bhairav Shakti Yantra, Maatrika Yantra, Nirbeej Tantra Prateek Yantra, Aatm Saakshy Yantra, Karn Pishaachini Yantra, Itar Yoni Aavahan Yantra and Apara Shakti Mahayantra.  

  • Elaborate discussion was done on reasons for not getting success in sadhnas. In this context , following points were discussed:-

- Sadgurudev has told 108 procedures which needs to be done in each tantra sadhna in order to attain complete success. Most necessary among these procedure were discussed.

- Various types of faults committed by sadhak while reciting mantras were described in detail along with their resolution procedure.

- While reciting mantra, where sadhak has to pause and for what time? What is Sfotikaran procedure?

- How can sadhna mantra be made more intense? What are the mantra whose samputikaran can be done so as to active mantra or make them more intense?

  • How same Aavahan mudra can be used for calling Pret Aatma and Divine souls depending upon the aasan?
  • Following gifts were given to participants
  • Dakshinvarti Conch on which prayog can be done to know inner thoughts of person’s mind.
  • One special Rudraksh which was mentioned by Sadgurudev in 1993 magazine.
  • One particular energized herbal root which is used to lower intensity of highly intense sadhnas.
  • All precautions which need to be taken by sadhak while doing Hamzaad prayog were also elaborated. Easy Hamzaad prayogs were also told to participants.
  • How to take promise form Karn Pishaachini and why she should not be accomplished as mother?
  • Procedure of construction of Bhairav Saayujya Rosary.
  • How can a Tamsik character sadhna be converted into Raajsik or Satvik character sadhna? What are the procedure and articles which can accomplish this task?
  • What are the mudras through which one can contact high-level divine souls?
  • Personal meeting with participants for resolving sadhna-related queries.

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  1. i want this itaryoni book and mandala.

  2. @ Saurabh Kumar

    This book is available in print form & in both languages Hindi & English. To get this book, mail at with a subject "About Tantra Kaumudi Itar Yoni Karn Pishachini Rahasya Khand"