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NPRU – About Us


NPRU (Nikhil Para Science Research Unit)

NIKHIL PARA SCIENCE RESEARCH UNIT” is an organization started by Arif Khan Nikhil some 20 years ago in one small town of Madhya Pradesh. Its basic aim is to do continuous research on all the dimensions of Indian Sadhna like Tantra, Mantra Sadhna, all the sections of Astrology, Sammohan, Surya Vigyan, Parad Tantra Vigyan, Chandra Vigyan, Kaal Vigyan, Shamshaan sadhnas, Kshan Vigyan based on the path shown and directed by Param Poojya Sadgurudev Dr. Shri Narayan Dutt Shrimali (Paramhans Swami Shri Nikhileshwaranand) and to provide it an healthy base among the common people again and provide recognition, to proudly re-establish sadhna or other high-order dimensions of knowledge which are existent or obsolete or which are considered only as mere imagination or which are today recognized in their distorted form due to their distorted application by few ineligible persons.


  • To fulfill multi-dimensional dream of our Revered Sadgurudev of building a magnificent  hospital for welfare of entire humanity where all medical treatment systems ranging from Mantra, Sammohan to modern science will be used for treatment of incurable disease.
  • To reinstate and re-establish sadhna culture.
  • To develop a new generation of sadhaks who can imbibe the meaning of sadhna in real sense and bring fame and pride to nation.
  • To work to inculcate a healthy mentality and attitude of common public towards Itar Yonis and get rid of all misconceptions prevalent in society regarding them.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars to impart both practical and theoretical knowledge about various spiritual sciences and Tantra which have become obsolete or are present in distorted form.
  • To re-publish ancient Tantra scriptures relating to diverse sadhna fields and spiritual sciences so that they can be preserved for future generation and spiritual seekers can benefit from them.
From that day till today, NPRU has continuously passed many known and unknown hurdles coming in its path and is surging ahead towards successive progress. Some of the notable efforts of NPRU so far are as follows:- 


Till now, 13 editions of this free E-Magazine have been published successfully. This magazine appreciated by entire sadhak world is full of divine knowledge of Sadgurudev and his ascetic disciples and other higher-level sages, saints,yogis,tantriks and Tantra-connoisseurs and all of them have showered very high affection on this magazine. Quality and novelty of articles of it is already in front of you all. Every month edition touch one novel untouched subject and all its articles are focused on that particular month’s subject. Every edition contain more than 100 pages and it is published in two languages (Hindi and English).As per now, this Magazine is available free of cost only to members of blog and Nikhil-Alchemy Yahoo Group. Work is going on the plan of publishing it in printed format. But it is certain that it will always be available free of cost every month on internet.

Nikhil-alchemy2 Blog:

  This blog is in existence from 2007 and contains not only information-providing but also articles providing practical knowledge related to all the possible dimensions of Indian sadhna. Number of readers has crossed 1.25 million in just 2 years (from the time we have included counter in it).It is witness to the fact that quality of articles, dimensions for new sadhaks and enhancement in knowledge is on continuous rise. Besides this, it is our prime source or mouthpiece to put forward our entire activities and our thoughts.


It may be essential for knowledge to be written. If Tantra and it’s amazing and high-order dimensions especially Parad Tantra are not put forward in practical form in front of common public then it does not carry any special meaning. No instances have come in light even after so many years after independence that anyone has been able to carry out sanskars of Parad Tantra practically rather the place where it is taught, they could also not do it.Keeping in mind this anomaly, under the divine blessing of Sadgurudev we conducted such workshops three times in which in first two, we did 13 sanskars of Parad successfully and in third we learnt and understood about higher dimension of Parad from sadhna point of view. We have future plans to conduct workshops relating to higher sanskars and Shamshaan Sadhnas, Sammohan Vigyan, Surya Vigyan, Kaal Vigyan, Kshan Vigyan; Chandra Vigyan .Entry into these workshops will be free but only and only for eligible and capable persons.


Motive of this series is to focus completely on any one or two sadhna and to teach our brothers and sisters about its hidden procedures, hidden secrets, necessary Mudras and other essential Tantric and Mantric Vidhaans by which they can also taste success in sadhna.


Under this division, re-publication of various self-experienced written and besides this, rare obsolete scriptures and under Tantra Kaumudi, continuous publication of 21 successive Granth editions etc. are going to be included….


In order to re-establish tantra in psyche of common public and to restore their faith in Tantra and to enable our brothers and sisters to attain financial strength in their life, NPRU decided to send an amazing yantra called TIBBATI SAMPOORN SAABAR LAKSHMI VASHIKARAN MAHAYANTRA to all those who applied to us through mail. It was sent free of cost. More than 1000 such yantras were sent to brothers and sisters from all across the country.

The manner in which Shri Yantra is considered to be powerful medium of financial progress and fulfilment of desire, in the same manner this sabar yantra is considered to be infallible means for attainment of instantaneous wealth, binding Lakshmi and riddance from poverty in Tibet. Through this yantra, even the age-old poverty is eradicated. Sabar Mantras are many times faster as compared to Vedic and Tantric mantra.

Moreover, SEVEN SADHNA scheme was also started by NPRU under which every month seven sadhnas were published in the blog and readers have to choose any particular sadhna of their choice and intimate it to NPRU team. NPRU team will then send necessary Yantra needed for the sadhna chosen along with procedure. This scheme was highly appreciated by all our brothers and sisters.



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