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Whosoever is in the field of sadhna or any of the entrant in to this field, very soon gets inclined towards the apsara and yakshini category of sadhnas. Reason for it is not difficult to seek:-

· These sadhnas seems very simple

· Total manta jap is very less in these sadhnas

· There is not much paraphernalia in these sadhnas

· There are no dreadful experiences during sadhna time.

· It provides sadhak/sadhika money, delicious food, facilities and jewellery.

· It gets rid of physical deformities of sadhak.

· Effect of age minimizes to very large extent on sadhak. One can become again young.

· It overflows the sadhak /sadhika with Love and affection

· It gets rid of depression, sadness and hopelessness from the life of sadhak.

· One can know about the amazing and rare secrets of various Para world.

ApsaraApsara and Yakshini sadhnas are boon for life and even highest level Yogi understands the importance of doing this sadhna. These sadhnas should not be interpreted as means of any sexual pleasure amplification. Sadgurudev ji has always put an example of Maharishis, Bramha rishis and gods while expressing the importance of this sadhna. He specifically clarified that even Mahavidya Sadhnas cannot stand before this sadhna since Mahavidya sadhna can provide you everything but the most important point in life called ‘happiness’ be attained only and only via Apsara Yakshini sadhna.

Keeping this thing in mind, NPRU has published a special edition of Tantra Kaumudi on this subject. However, there are practical limitations of doing sadhna from magazine. Since Tantra is a practical procedure, all practical procedures and Mudras can be known only if accomplished sadhak demonstrates them and guides the curious seekers. With this objective in mind, NPRU conducted a seminar on this subject in Jabalpur on 12th August 2012.


  • Tantra Kaumudi Apsara Yakshini Rahasya Khand Book Apsara Yakshini Rahasya Khand was distributed to all the participants. It was available both in English and Hindi. Participants can choose any one of it as per their convenience. This 140 page scripture is concrete effort to describe all the hidden procedures necessary for accomplishing this sadhna and provides solutions to common problems faced by sadhaks in this genre of sadhnas.
  • For attaining success and accomplishment in tantra, use of authentic sadhna articles is must. Sadgurudev himself has highlighted this vital fact so many times in his discourses. Special Yantra called “Poorn Apsara Yakshini Saayujya Shashth Mandal” was distributed to all the participants. It was not an ordinary yantra but rather it was energized yantra made on high-quality 5inch * 7 inch copper plate.
  • Subjects which were discussed in this seminar are as follows:-

- What is basic difference between Apsara and Yakshini

- Complete description of Mandal was told along with significance of yantra contained in it and the manner in which they have to be used was also told.

- Uses of this Mandal were also described elaborately. It can be used in any Saundarya sadhna, Kuber Sadhna, Attraction sadhna, wealth-related sadhna, Yogini or Vashikaran sadhna.

- Procedure to connect this Mandal with sadhak’s body. How Guru Pranaschetna Mantra comes in to play in this procedure? What is significance of this mantra?

- Procedure to accomplish our fingers so that Mudras made by it can prove to be effective. A very simple procedure was told upon doing which one can feel amazing vibrations in his finger.

- Maintaining celibacy during sadhna duration is not so much easy. Some sadhak also suffer from nightfall problem in this duration. Various measures were told which can help sadhak in this regard. These measures included use of fire beej mantra, a special yantra procedure and herbal tantra procedure.

- How can success in sadhna be obtained when our sperm is in keelit state? Procedure was told from Durga Saptsati to do Utkeelan of our sperm element.

- How a special attraction mantra is used in Jain tantra to attract apsara and yakshinis?

- Why pronunciation of mantra is so much important in Tantra?

- What is importance of lover feeling in Apsara and Yakshini sadhnas?

- Various facts relating to Kaamakshi rosary.

- An amazing gift “Parad Saundarya Kankan” was distributed to all participants. This Kankan is not only important for Apsara and Yakshini sadhnas but it also fulfills the absence of Parad Shivling to quite an extent.

- Practical Demonstration of various Mudras used in these sadhnas.

  • Question-answer round so that participants can resolve their doubts.
  • Personal meeting with participants for answering their sadhna queries.

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