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About SadGurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali (Swami Nikhileshwaranand)


SADGURUDEV Dr. Shri Narayan Dutt Shrimali (Swami Nikhileshwaranand)

It is very hard task to write some words about Sadgurudevji, while keeping his divine smile and blessing I am trying it .And of course another thing which provide us courage is that Poojya Sadgurudev ji always has great compassion towards all of us . Sadgurudev was born in in deep inside area of Rajasthan .He had faced a lot of untold struggles and miseries in his early childhood but with his determination, hard work he always moved forward and faced all situations very boldly. He married Poojniya Mata ji Smt. Bhagwati Shrimali ji at very early age. He not only completed his essential education, but received two Doctorates degree .Sadgurudev ji initially started his professional career as teacher and later become HOD of Rajasthan University.

Sadgurudev Nikhil 

At the very early age, his heart always felt very sad by seeing the situation of ancient science of sanatan dharma (the eternal religion) and sadhna. As a true BRAHMIN and at call of his soul, one day he left home and started his search for upliftment of the divine science. He spent nearly 19 years in deep areas of Himalaya, even the most inaccessible ones too. He learned and mastered almost all the branches of sadhna whether it was Sabar, Kapaalik, Vedic, Aghor, Yoga, Alchemy, Shamshaan or Tibbeti sadhnas


His great superhuman hard work, determination, devotion led him at the feet of Param Gurudev (Dada Gurudev ji) Paramhans Swami Sachhidaananda ji. Poojya param Gurudev ji gave initiation to him. Significance of this initiation can be understood from the fact that in last several thousand years Poojya Paramhans Swami Sachhidaananda ji has given initiation only to three persons. One can understand the criteria of receiving that Diksha. It cannot be expressed in words.

Npru_SadGurudev1With the divine advice and instruction of Poojya Param Gurudev ji, he once again came to normal household life. And he started spreading his knowledge initially through his books on astrology mantra and tantra .Very few people know that he even wrote one novel named “EK DALI RAJNIGANDHA KI” based on which super hit movie “Rajnigandha” was made. Poojya Sadgurudev ji has authored more than 200 hundred books .Some of them is still to be published. Later he founded SIDHHASHRAM SADHAK PARIVAAR and started monthly magazine “MANTRA TANTRA YANTRA VIGYAN”. He never ever hesitated a minute to provide knowledge, even hidden secrets to sadhnas to true seeker irrespective of the fact whether he is disciple of him or of others. He was a true Jagat Guru and never paid attention to man-made limitations of caste, religion, country etc. while providing knowledge.

Because of his hard work, love and compassion, now thousands of sadhak are getting success in sadhna field. He did very patiently his work without creating any propaganda .Now responsibilities lays on our shoulders that we as his child should come forward to devote our life to learn this science and provide relief to mankind from all the misery of life.

nikhil2Though initially he was very strict regarding selection of disciples, he was never interested in number. But when he saw that new generation is not getting success in sadhna because of lack of devotion, determination towards the Guru and sadhna, he started to distribute his very hard earned divine energy as a Diksha (Initiation procedure) to even general masses. For this, he has been on various times criticised not only by the savants of sadhna but even from yogis of Siddhashram.

But for him his Gurudev and his disciples are everything. He never ever paid attention to time and his health while taking to his shishyas. He again took a great step that first time in Indian sadhna field, 7 -10 days sadhna shivir were organised by him, where disciples from various region caste, religion and country get trained directly by him, and disciples achieved great success. Again major breakthrough was that when Gurudev started sadhna shivir in various part of the country either in metropolitan or in very small town for the disciples who are not able to come and attend sadhna shivir at Jodhpur either due to financial or other reasons. For him meeting disciples, part of his soul is the only joy. He even visited several time to foreign land like UK, USA, and MAURITOUS for spreading the knowledge. He provided his divine initiation to 90 years old person to even child in womb.

He had been awarded by several society either from Government organization or organizations from sadhna field .His task is to again help the nation named INDIA reaches its top ,A golden bird’s era. Years of hard-work had a bad effect on his health.

Poojya Sadgurudev never revealed his deteriorated health condition to his disciples, but earthly body has a limit. With the orders of his Guru Paramhans Param Gurudev ji, Sadgurudev left his body and again reach SIDDHASHRAM, from where he still keeps close eyes on all his disciples.

I would like to share all of you that his Nikhileshwaranand ji form is eternal form, this form never perishes even the generation come and go, Sadgurudev is always present in this universe in His Nikhileshwaranand form.
Jai Gurudev



  1. Dear NRPU family, This blog is mind blowing and much better than nikhil-alchemy blog in look and feel. It wud be much better if you include i different section of audios and videos of guruji in this blog provided by youtube. There are lots of videos available in youtube. so that everyone can get all the neccesary articles and material at the same place. Once again thank you very much for starting this blog...

  2. sadgurudev ke baare mein kuchh bhi likhna ,sury ko deepak dikhaane jaisa hai.nice info. bhai ji.
    jai sadgurudev