Thursday, 7 February 2013

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Nikhil Alchemy Blog

Nikhil-alchemy2 Blog

This blog, founded in October 2008 by Arif Khan Nikhil now needs no introduction. It is prime source or mouthpiece of NPRU to put forward entire activities and thoughts. It has gone a long way in re-establishing sadhna culture and restoring interest of common public in sadhna. It has brought out an amazing revolution in field of Indian sadhna. Gone are the days when people need to wander in jungles and strive hard for getting even a single mantra. This blog has brought sadhnas at doorsteps of curious spiritual practitioner (sadhak) and just by one click of mouse, they are in amazing field of sadhna.

Nikhil_Alchemy_blogEver since its inception, it has become most popular blog and destination for all spiritual seekers throughout the world. It popularity and open-hearted acceptance by sadhak community is evident from the fact that number of hits on this blog has crossed more than 1.05 million in just 2 years ( from the time we have included counter) and this figure is on continuous rise. Above fact also gives an idea about quality of articles written in it.

Article written here are not only informative but also provide practical knowledge about various dimensions of sadhna. Tantra is a practical science and it is vital for any spiritual practitioner to be aware of practical aspects of sadhna in order to successfully accomplish it. This blog has fulfilled this necessary task of filling up the practical vacuum by providing practical knowledge. Blog also contains practical experiences of senior sadhaks through which new and amateur sadhaks come to know about nitty-gritty of particular sadhnas as well as they feel motivated to carry out these sadhnas.

This blog encompasses all dimensions of Indian sadhna and spiritual sciences. Whole gamut of sadhna articles written here is very vast. It contains articles on virtually all possible aspects of sadhna. Most important are as follows:-

  •  Inner and Outer Alchemy
  • Fundamentals and Basics of Sadhna like Stabilising mind, Basic sadhna procedure like Nyaas, Accomplishment of Aasan, Poojan Procedure etc.
  • Guru SadhnaNikhil Alchemy 2 blog
  • Sadhnas/Prayogs related to Mahavidyas
  • Articles on fundamentals of astral body journey
  • Kundalini
  • Sadhnas for manifestation of Particular God/goddess
  • Ayurveda
  • Sadhnas to get rid of financial problems
  • Sabar sadhnas
  • Islamic Padhati sadhnas.
  • Sadhnas relating to Shatkarmas, six essential procedures of Tantra.
  • Sadhna to get rid of common problems like unemployment, family problems, disease related problems, marriage related problems etc.
  • Sadhnas to get rid of planetary obstacles.
  • Informative articles regarding Yantra Vigyan, Aahuti Vigyan (Ancient Indian science of offering oblation), and Swar Vigyan etc.

and many more…………………………………………………………..


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