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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Seminar : Tantric Shatkarmas and Hidden Secrets of Mercurial Science

Tantrik Shatkarma & Ras Vigyan Goodh Rahasya (Hidden Secrets of Mercurial Science) Seminar

Broadly speaking, from ancient time our Indian spiritual sciences are flowing in two streams:-

1) Nigam (Vedic)

2) Aagam (Tantric)

Tantra has always been a secretive and abstruse knowledge and is provided only to capable spiritual aspirants. When we talk about Tantra, Tantric shatkarmas are the first 6 preliminary steps which need to be known if one has to advance forward and do higher-order Tantra sadhanas.

Moreover, in modern era utility of tantric shatkarmas has become more evident. Just consider the situations like

· Seeing your child getting into bad company and as a result imbibing bad habits.

· Problems between Husband and wife.

· Compromising with enemies in various spheres of life

· No respect in society/work-field

· Not getting desired results despite being capable

· Not able to impress a person even when you like him/her.

All such situations have become harsh realities of today owing to declining moral values in society. One feels helpless in such circumstances and very often, they run to self-proclaimed tantrics for their solution. However, in majority of cases it is seen that despite paying a huge amount of money, problem is not solved. Shall we not try to learn these shatkarmas and tackle all such problems of our life on our own?

Keeping in mind the importance of these shatkarmas for learning higher order Tantra procedures and their ever-increasing need in modern scenario, NPRU organized the seminar on Tantra Shatkarma and hidden secrets of Mercurial Science on 25th May 2013 at Jabalpur.


Seminar also covered some hidden secrets of mercurial science. Mercurial science is one of the ancient 108 sciences in India. Its importance is evident from the fact that it is considered as the final i.e. 64th tantra among 64 tantras. However, owing to lapses of our ancestor in passing this knowledge to coming generations, this knowledge became either obsolete or became confined to metallic alchemy.

Sadgurudev Ji played an important role in reviving this science and made us aware of the unlimited potential it offers to mankind. NPRU was instrumental in spreading awareness about this divine science through cyber media. Not only this, in order to bridge the gap between theory and practical aspects, NPRU organized three Mercurial science workshops to impart practical aspects. Motive of including this subject in seminar was to teach person about secretive procedures of this science since due to lack of time, they are unable to participate in workshops. Besides this, it becomes necessary for person to learn about this science so that they don’t fell prey to self-proclaimed Ras Siddhas (expert of mercurial science) who have appeared on cyber scene.


· Tantric Shatkarma and Mercurial science Tantra Kaumudi and Guru Saayujya Tantric Shatkarma Mandal was distributed to all the participants by NPRU team. This book was unique for variety of reasons and is an absolute treat for all the spiritual aspirants.


1. Most of the shatkarmas prayogs (procedures) in various books are limited to satisfy materialistic needs. Tantra Kaumudi was special and unparalleled in this respect. It has got procedure not only for serving materialistic needs but it has gone beyond and has provided shatkarmas procedures for spiritual development of own self. Correlation of shatkarmas with spiritual development of one self is hallmark of this book.

2. This book has got a chapter on constellation science which elucidates importance of constellation for Tantrics. Constellation science is one of 108 ancient spiritual sciences of India.

Guru Saayujya Tantric Shatkarma Mandal was special collection of 9 amazing yantras on one mandal. With Guru Saayujya Maha Yantra in middle, it not only secures us while doing Tantric shatkarmas (sometimes shatkarmas can be counter-productive and harm sadhak if not properly carried out) but it also helps in getting blessings of Sadgurudev which is must for success in these Karmas.

· Subjects which were discussed in this seminar are as follows:-

> What is the importance of Sarv Dosh Nivaran Mantra and Navaarn Mantra and why these deserve an important place in daily poojan?

> What is the importance of various Rudraksh and what is the purpose of each of them?

> What is the difference between Mantric and Tantric procedure and accordingly the difference in the Sankalp (Resolution) taken in these procedures?

> A simple procedure through which one can get rid of problem of nightfall during sadhana duration.

> Why Nyas and Panchoopchar poojan should be done?

> What is the life-time of yantra made on various metals? How this life can be enhanced?

> Amazing self-accomplished Deh Raksha Mantra which can be used for securing sadhak during sadhana duration. With a slight modification, it can be used even to secure yantra when we are out of our home.

> Importance of resolution (Sankalp) and important points that need to be taken into consideration while taking it.

> What is the importance of birth constellation for sadhak?

> A simple procedure to save our self from tantric procedure?

> What are the ruler goddesses of all the shatkarmas?

> Tantric Shatkarma poojan was revealed for first time. Poojan of ruler goddess of respective Shatkarma will be included in it. What is the appropriate time for doing this poojan?

> What are the beej mantras which need to be chanted for various shatkarmas?

> Utkeelan procedure for various mantras.

> Why should Abhichaar Karmas (Ucchatan and Maaran) should not be done at home?

> What are the various levels of Vashikaran?

> All the preliminary procedures of each Shatkarma were told.

> Amazing procedure of Lakshmi Vashikaran and defeating enemies.

> Divine constellation procedure to rectify all our faults in various houses of birth charts was told.

> Necessary yantra for above procedure Janm Chakra Siddhi Mahayantra was also provided by NPRU. Whole seminar hall applauded this remarkable gesture of NPRU team.

> Director of NPRU Arif Khan Nikhil Ji did procedure to purify Sushumana path and to connect yantra with each of the participants by chanting some hidden mantras for 15 minutes. One can feel the divine energy in that hall. Most of us had current flowing in spinal cord. It seemed that electric current is flowing in our hand and is getting infused into yantra.

> What are five Gati of mercury?

> What is the significance of Aghor Mantra in relation to them? Arif Khan Nikhil Ji gave a live example of it in the form of NPRU team which is currently working on this divine mercurial science.

> Simple Metal transmutation procedure

> Procedure by which sadhak can get knowledge about metal transmutation process.

· Personal meeting with participants for answering their sadhana queries.

Few pictures of this seminar ….




Thursday, 2 May 2013

Upcoming Seminar On Tantric Shatkarmas & Hidden Secrets Of Mercurial Science


Ever since its inception, NPRU has always put persistent efforts in order to keep the flow of knowledge continuous and to ensure that there is no break in this momentum. Organization of three Parad Workshops, Four seminars , monthly publication of bi-lingual FREE e-magazine Tantra Kaumudi, continuous updating of Nikhil Alchemy blog with sadhnas are testimony to the above fact. All these efforts were welcomed by open heart and were appreciated a lot. We have tried our level best to live up to your expectations and continuously improve our efforts.

Continuing this series of our efforts and as told in last seminar held in January on Itar Yoni, we are pleased to inform you that NPRU is going to organize seminar on 25th May 2013. Subject of this seminar will be Tantric Shatkarmas and Hidden Secrets of Mercurial Science.


Tantric Shatkarmas are most important procedures of Tantra. Every new entrant into this field has deep fascination towards these procedures since these procedures can make life of any person convenient and easy-going. Moreover, in modern era utility of them has become more evident. Just consider the following scenarios which unfortunately have become reality of today.

· Seeing your child getting into bad company and as a result imbibing bad habits.

· Problems between Husband and wife.

· Compromising with enemies in various spheres of life

· No respect in society/work-field

· Not getting desired results despite being capable

· Not able to impress a person even when you like him/her.

Shatkarma_Seminar1No one can deny this fact that each one of us is confronted with these problems at some point in life. Under such cases, we feel ourselves helpless and run to so-called self-proclaimed Tantriks for their solution. It is highly unfortunate that these tantriks demand a lot of money and even after it, problem is not solved. So what should be the solution? Shall we sit idle cursing ourselves and sit idle? Isn’t it better to learn these important procedures of Tantra ourselves and put an end to these problems and make our life happier?

For doing these important procedures, it is necessary to have knowledge of secret procedures involved, necessary mudras and other hidden keys etc. There is dearth of competent persons who can provide authentic information regarding them. Sadgurudev threw light on all these procedures along with hidden keys and mudras etc. This seminar will bring into focus all such procedures told by Sadgurudev and his ascetic disciples.

Mercurial science is one of the ancient divine sciences of India. Today due to efforts of Sadgurudev and NPRU, everyone has aware of the fact that this science offers unlimited potential to cure diseases and to transform old age into eternal youth. It was NPRU who for first time brought this science on cyber platform and highlighted the potential this science can offer for mankind. NPRU went one step ahead and organized 3 Mercurial science workshops so as to impart the practical aspects related to this science.

However, considering the recent upsurge of fake and self-proclaimed Ras siddhas on cyber platform like Facebook who claim to do 18 samskars and are spreading misconceptions among public, it has become necessary to get rid of these misconceptions. Due to lack of knowledge, many sadhaks and new entrants into this field fell prey to these persons losing a lot of money and time. Isn’t the time to learn this divine science by ourselves so that we are acquainted with nitty-gritty of this science and can be better judge ourselves? To add to it, NPRU has received requests from so many sadhaks who have cited their busy schedule for not being able to attend the workshops. As a result, we have decided to include this science in this seminar so that people can become aware of basics of this science.

Let us discuss some important points regarding seminar and mode of application

· Seminar will be held on 25th May 2013 at Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh, India). 26th May has been fixed for mutual conversation so that sadhak can get their answers to their queries and curiosities.

· All those who want to participate have to get permission from us and pay necessary entry fee.

· All aspiring participants should mail us on for required information like entry fee and getting permission. Please do mention “For entry into May Seminar” in the subject of e-mail.

· It is compulsory to attach scanned copy of your recent photograph and ID proof along with the mail. Even if you applied earlier in previous seminars and submitted photograph, it is necessary to resend it.

· Number of seats is limited. Upon considering all the requests we will send entry number along with permission to selected persons.

· All selected candidates will have to bring the entry number along with permission on the day of seminar.

· Breakfast and lunch on 25th May will be organized by NPRU team. Rest of arrangements including accommodation for these 2 days has to be done by participants themselves.

Looking forward to have you all there on 25th May.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Treatment by Ayurveda - Nikhil Kalp Kuteer


Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal system of India having an amazing capability to cure diseases. In ancient times, this science was at supreme heights. ayurveda

Ayurveda has an intimate connection with mercurial science. Both are complimentary to each other. Even famous Vaidya Todarmal once said that without mercurial science, Ayurveda is simply administrating grass etc. However, with passage of time, Mercurial science became obsolete due to lack of proper guidance and knowledge transfer. As a result, there was a dearth of people who can successfully accomplish samskars on mercury. Along with it, there was more of inclination towards metallic alchemy rather than inner alchemy. As a result, preparing mercury for administrating it to human body became virtually impossible. This had severe repercussions on Ayurveda.

Sadgurudev was complete authority in field of Ayurveda. He accomplished a revolutionary task in the field of Ayurveda by rediscovering extinct plants and herbs. He said in Rajyaabhisek Shivir 1997 that Both Ayurveda and Mercurial science are his famous subjects of research. His treatise on this subject “Muladhaar Se Sahastrar Tak” contains an elaborate description of divine herbs and various ayurvedic procedures to cure diseases, even incurable ones.


It will be an endeavor from NPRU to rejuvenate this science in true sense and use it for treatment of diseases. Our strength lies in the fact that we do have expertise both in Ayurveda and Mercurial science which makes it possible for us to realize the full potential of this divine science.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Treatment by Hypnotism (Sammohan Vigyan) - Nikhil Kalp Kuteer


Unreasonable demands of modern world, lack of values, demands of professional world and ever-growing competition has had an adverse impact on mental health. Increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression and diseases like insomnia have become reality of today. Without sound mind, person cannot be called healthy at all. However, the modern systems of treatment are at very infant stage when it comes to curing such type of diseases. 

HypnotismHypnotism, though western scholars claim to be their science is basically a science of ancient India. It is nothing but Sammohan Vigyan, one of the 108 ancient sciences of India. It is procedure through which conscious mind is made to go into state of dormancy and as it happens, sub-conscious mind becomes completely active. At this time orders are given to sub-conscious mind and in this way, desired things can be accomplished.

Practical_Hypnotism“Practical Hypnotism”, word-renowned book of Sadgurudev is an amazing work on this science highlighting nitty-gritty of this science, various hypnotic procedures and most importantly its practical application for mankind. In it, Sadgurudev has highlighted the incredible potential of this science in curing diseases and establishing a healthy society.

Role of this science in medical treatment has now come to be recognised widely by world all-over. Various mental diseases can be removed very easily using this science since it directly deals with mind. Moreover, from societal point of view, this science has got lot of potential to develop a moral and crime-free society. This science is already being used for easier and pain-fee birth. “HypnoBirthing as the name suggests is the application of this science to reduce the levels of discomfort and pain of mothers while giving birth to child.

Nikhil Kalp Kuteer will attempt to use this science for curing of disease and unveil the hidden potential of this science.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Treatment by Nakshatra Vigyan - Nikhil Kalp Kuteer

Nakshatra Vigyan

Nakshatra (Constellation) affects each and every aspect of human life. Entire world is bound by influence of these 27 constellations. Systematic study of these constellations, their nature, their impact on human lives and their utilities for humanity falls under ambit of this science. It is one of the 108 ancient spiritual sciences of India. Though it has become obsolete now, but there are available thousands of scriptures available on this subject. Nakshatra_Vigyan

NPRU’s Nikhil Kalp Kuteer Project is planning to utilize this science for treatment of diseases both as standalone science but also as assisting science to other sciences. As a standalone science, it can be used for diagnostic purposes. Just by looking at horoscope of patient, nature and type of disease can be ascertained. Not only this, but also which treatment system can provide maximum relief in minimum time can be also arrived at using this science. In this manner, we can choose best treatment system for patient since we can find out treatment system compatible to Nakshatra of patient. Moreover, time of administering drug to patient so as to produce optimum effect can be determined by this science.

Along with it, this science can also be of immense help to other sciences which will be practiced here. Each and every herb is under dominion of a particular constellation and its qualities are amplified when that particular constellation time arrives. Thus, this science can be used to determine appropriate time to collect the herb which will be of immense help to Ayurveda, Yagyopathy etc.

Sadgurudev was renowned scholar in field of astrology and this science. Glimpses of this science are found in his book written on subject of astrology. NPRU has team of experts who have learnt this science directly from Sadgurudev and are well versed in principles and application of this science.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Treatment by Yagyopathy (Yagya Vigyan) - Nikhil Kalp Kuteer


Treatment by Yagyopathy

Yagya Vigyan is the basic and fundamental spiritual science of India. Yagya (or sometimes pronounced as yagna) can be described as the building blocks of Indian culture. Even the last rite of Hindus, burning of dead body in cremation ground is oblation of body offered to fire. It has been used from ancient ages not only by kingdoms to secure victory in war but also for medicinal purpose too.

This science makes use of the two basic energies of physical world, heat and sound. Heat from fire of Yagya and sound produced by mantra can be combined to yield various physical and spiritual benefits. Yagyopathy is deployed these days by many institutes throughout world to cure diseases.

There is a fundamental difference between Yagyopathy and other treatment systems. Most of the traditional systems of treatment and modern treatment systems make use of medicines which need to be administered orally. These medicines show effect only after their digestion and subsequent absorption in body. On the other hand in Yagya, medicines and herbs are vaporized by offering them as oblation in fire and they enter the human body in gaseous form through nose, lungs and pore of skin. It is easiest, less risky method of intake of medicine and it makes sure that it reaches every cell of the body.

However this science is very deep. Sadgurudev has elaborated this science in detail and taught all the nitty-gritty of this science to disciples through his book “Sarv Siddhi Pradayak Yagya Vidhaan” and various shivirs such as direction, articles to be used, type of Agni kund, what type of Agni should be invoked, appropriate time for doing yagya etc.

He told that this science is just not offering oblation of some particular herbs in fire. Rather what is important here is to arrive at combination of herbs which should be used, to recognize these herbs in nature, to collect them at appropriate moment and to have knowledge of assisting Mantra procedure. If one has capability and competence to recognize the herbs then using mantric procedure we can definitely cure diseases.

Moreover its potential for curing mental diseases is tempting. Modern systems of treatment are at very nascent stage as far as treatment of mental disease is concerned.

It will be an effort of NPRU to revive and revitalize this amazing science of our ancient India and to expand its horizon from being just a sacrament procedure to establishing it as treatment system in world.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Treatment by Mantra Science (Mantra Vigyan) - Nikhil Kalp Kuteer

Mantra Science

OMMantra, in Sanskrit implies a specific structure of sonic patterns –coded in syllables and vowels. Mantra science is science of sound. Each of the sound gives rise to a particular energy vibration. Mantras create powerful electro-magnetic currents through their vibrations.

Entire universe including human body is made up of vibration. Health is the state of human body when it is in state of natural vibration. Human body gets afflicted with disease when some parts of body begin to vibrate at counter-frequency and flow of energy is inhibited. This is where Mantra science can be of immense help. Through mantra chanting, one can cause sound to infuse the necessary energy into afflicted parts of body, facilitate its flow, make up for the deficiency of energy which was the main reason behind the disease and restore them back to its healthy condition. Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali

Whenever we talk about Mantra science, name which stands out tall is Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. By composing completely new mantras in field of mantra Shastra he became renowned in Himalayas as Mantra Shrishta or the “Creator of Mantras”. He made all the secret sadhanas, which had become altogether extinct, possible to be accomplished. He on various occasions had highlighted role of Mantras in diagnosis of diseases and their treatment. Sadgurudev in his path-breaking monthly magazine “Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan” has given so many spiritual procedures to cure incurable diseases like AIDS, cancer etc. whereby mantra chanting can help in getting rid of them.

Even modern science is now recognizing the utility of science in this regard. Continuous research is going on in the west and they are amazed by the possibilities this science offers in treatment of diseases.


The prime requirement for a mantra to be effective is its proper recitation, a technique which may take years of practice to master. There is dearth of such expertise who have mastered this technique.

It is an initiative of NPRU to take help of this remarkable science for treatment in Nikhil Kalp Kuteer Project. We have experienced personnel who have undergone decades of training under guidance of Sadgurudev in mastering this science.

It has to be kept in mind that this mode of treatment will be purely scientific. Science has come up with high-level equipment like Lecher Antennas by which we can measure the change in wavelength. These types of equipment will be deployed by NPRU to witness the change in vibration of human body before and after the treatment.